Monday, December 13, 2010

for you

You and I

by ju
You are
And I am
You are
And I am
You are
And I am
You are
And I am

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

something in our engine

what would you expect when your car is giving weird noises
in the middle of non-moving traffic at 6pm?

scary, kan

teringat kembali million instances di mana
berbakul-bakul sumpahan dibaling kepada mana-mana individu bertuah 
yang memilih bucu-bucu strategik untuk
kereta rosak / takde minyak / accident bontot


10 minutes with the weird noises drove us back into the parking lot
15 minutes with tertonggeng-tonggeng and menyepak-nyepak on all sides of the car
we discovered that ada seekor kucing kaler coklat ala-ala engine gitu
terselit dalam engine dekat hujung bumper belah kanan   

before anyone grimaces in horror 
dan membayangkan otak bersepai ataupun bulu terbakar dalam engine tu
perlulah anda tahu bahawa kucing itu selamat!

 the cat is all scared and literally shivering to the bone
even when we are trying to intimidate it with sebatang payung
he/she does not even make a sound, not a single meow

luckily sekonyong-konyong datang pula
a manager from Boost Juice / O'Brien with a big heart
and gather a few of his people to help us tempt the kucing out

after several failed attempts and many-many minutes wasted
we came into a conclusion that we would have to 
screw open the front bumper plastic cover to get it out

tapi sadly i was not there when the kucing got out (tak sempat nak amek gambar!)
my mum dah bising because we have to get back home
he said, kucing tu tak injured kot sebab dia terus lari tak cukup tanah
baru ingat nak simpan wat sacred pet or something

1. trafik di kl cukup sesak sampai kucing sempat masuk dalam engine
2. hidup saya ter O.D. dengan kucing sekarang

p/s: semalam jadik detektif. saya cakap detektif instead of busybody sebab rumahtangga dia memang dah berantakan, ok!

Monday, September 27, 2010

urges. urges.

i have this strange urges to spend
maybe months and months of tightening my belt finally thrown me off the edge
but the thing is
every time i went shopping
there's this tiny voice at the back of my head
saying i don't need most of the things
why am i so frugal (read: cikai/kemut)?

to be truthful
i know exactly what i want to spend on
but the time is simply not right
jadi, to fill up the time yang tak sampai-sampai tu
i kept on buying small, useless, no good things

like, i have 8 lipsticks on my desk now
costing RM8 for 2, dalam erti kata lain 1 for RM 4
which i never really intend to wear
(one of them is gold and one of them is purple, d-uh!)

i am also facing this strange urges to buy stationery
i bought like 4 letter sets and two nice looking notebooks
and new pens and apa-apa ntah lagi
without really having an idea how and when to use them

i think that time that i'm talking about
could not be here fast enough
and i'm begging for you-who-understand-what-this-is
please let the time come
so i may avoid spending unnecessarily. hee

p/s: semua menda nak jadi on 2hb October tu kenapa?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i've killed a bird

first of all, what's the social convention for cutting people on twitter?
surprise-surprise, i'm cutting you off dude
because you keep posting menda-menda tak relevant on twitter
and you're spamming my updates
the more you're posting things like 'Going out with super-hot someone-someone.'
the more I think your life is crap
seriously, people does not need to know every single details

hold on
ok, maybe people do, but I don't
so, Tata!

then memetik kata obefiend from his blog on how he can write so well:
"First you need to be angry.. you need to have inner turmoil of biblical porportion. A mother of all conflicts. You must have 800 different unresolved issues you have with your life"

that is so damn true!
i'm so happy with my life now
i have nothing else to write or complain
(except that constantly annoying dude from twitter)

nampak tak strategi memberi alasan tidak menulis dengan memetik kata-kata orang berpengaruh
hee :P

p/s: A secret is a heaviest thing to carry, isn't it?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

ghost in the machine

Representing a very unusual and symbolic series of art works created by imaginative artist Erica Simmons – Ghost in the Machine. Made out of recycled cassette tape with original cassette these works show portraits of legends of music of 20th century. Old tapes and pictures of musicians… From the words of Erica "The idea comes from a philosopher’s (Ryle) description of how your spirit lives in your body." 

Kurt Cobain
tapes portraits

Bon Jovi
tapes portraits

tapes portraits

Traci Lords
tapes portraits

Bob Marley
tapes portraits

Paul Griffiths
tapes portraits

Jerry Garcia
tapes portraits

Jerry Garcia Live
tapes portraits

Aviv Geffen
tapes portraits

Debbie Harry of Blondie
tapes portraits

Michael Jackson
tapes portraits

Nick Cave
tapes portraits

Lenny Kravitz
tapes portraits

Melora Creager
tapes portraits

The Hendrix Experience
tapes portraits

John Lennon
tapes portraits

Friday, July 16, 2010

three frame mystery

i have an idea for a game. a useless game at that but still, a game.

the name for now would be 'Three Frame Mystery' until i figure out a cooler one.
to play it is you have to pick three random pictures and come out with a totally bad-ass conclusion.

like this one:


whoever drank too much milk and didn't go to the loo in time because the toilet is very hard to locate, they would turn out to be the most dangerous animal!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

useless fliers?

i think if my boss wants me to improve my attendance
he should put something like this near my desk
and if i can retain at least 3 strips of 'YES' for the week
he owe me lunch! yeay! (perhatian... ini adalah angan-angan!)

yang kat bawah ni macam cool
rasa macam nak wat satu pastu tampal kat pintu opis tu
kalau semua yang =( tu dah habes
'manataf' tolong lah paham
(please PM me for further definition of 'Manataf'
sebab kalau kantoi.... mampuih!)

and the rest of them are ideas for those who wants to make the world smile =)



Monday, July 5, 2010

bintang-bintang kelip-kelip

i found folding stars gave me a strange sense of tranquility
i can hear my own thoughts
maybe if i start whispering those thoughts
the stars can say something back at me

Thursday, July 1, 2010


hari itu dia bicara tentang beli rumah
hari itu dulu dia bicara tentang beli kereta
hari ini dia bicara pula tentang beli peti televisyen

entah bila dia akan bicara tentang kerja

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

anasir anasir jahat

saya senang terpengaruh
senang sangat

setelah melihat gambar ini

saya terpengaruh untuk beli ini


wahai penunggang-penunggang motor
pada waktu senja dan subuh hari
yang memakai baju hitam
dan jaket hitam yang diterbalikkan ke belakang
jika kamu mempunyai leher yang pendek
ketahuilah bahawa
dari jauh kamu kelihatan seperti

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

saya tak suka kemas barang

saya tak suka kemas barang
sebab nanti saya jumpa barang-barang lama
saya tak suka jumpa barang-barang lama
sebab nanti saya ingat menda-menda lama

selalunya ingat yang senyum
kadang-kadang ingat kesalahan
kadang-kadang ingat kebodohan

saya tak suka kemas barang
jadi barang saya makin lama makin banyak
saya tak suka kemas barang
tapi saya sangat suka simpan gambar

kebanyakan gambar-gambar itu saya tak boleh simpan
kalau simpan nanti jadi cerita lain

ceritanya lain-lain
banyak watak banyak laku
watak-wataknya sendiri pun mungkin dah tak tau

saya tak suka kemas barang
tapi sesetengah barang saya perlu dibuang
bukan mahu, ok?
agak-agak boleh tak saya semakkan rumah mak ayah saya

nanti bila saya dah ada rumah sendiri
saya simpan yang penting-penting je lah
itu bila sudah ada kehidupan lain

sementara ni
ini saya dan dinding belakang cerita tentang
ini saya

oh ya
saya pun suka berbohong
lebih kepada diri sendiri daripada orang lain
saya masih lagi berbohong
saya tak suka kemas barang

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I modified my green flash lomolitos with tipster from here 
Can't wait to see the result
But I am still learning to be patient
All in all, I am amazed at my own d.i.y-ness
And it is now official
Lomolitos single use camera is now a very 'not-so-single' fun
Worth every penny

Monday, June 14, 2010

lomolito debut

My father is very strict about curfew and my whereabouts
So I invented an excuse to go out and see the world
I called it [Photography] ^^

Even though I always go head to head with my dad
We do share a lot of similarity
One of it was photography
Lately since his eyesight is more or less going
He lost his interest
But once, he was an analog enthusiast

I hope one day I can say
So am I =)

Friday, June 11, 2010

the art of conveying nothing either with words or pictures

gembira mengambil gambar bersama tudung shikin
aku rasa seperti a certain someone yang tidak boleh disebutkan di sini
dan aku rasa a certain group pasti akan mengutuk gambar ni 
sebab aku kelihatan seperti a certain someone

oh, banyaknya tapisan. hehe

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

saya mahu kasut begini

saya sebenarnya mahu mem-postkan sebijik gossip
tapi tak dapat disclaimer approval daripada pihak-pihak terlibat
maka saya hanya boleh kata

Friday, May 21, 2010

i don't want you to know who i am

all i wanted was to know who you are
now that i know who you are
i'm missing the time
when i wanted to know who you are

*and who are you really?
(sila baca dengan gaya blur Penny lepas dengar statement Sheldon)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

saya baru sampai huruf J

korang pernah tengok tak banner besar dekat jejantas-jejantas atau lereng-lereng highway
tak cukup dengan tulisan tu, ada jugak contengan seperti "50%" dan "70%"
yang akan menarik perhatian korang yang kebetulan lalu-lalang kat situ
ada kan, kan, kan?

korang perasan tak banner-banner seperti itu akan muncul sekitar 3 bulan sekali
dan akan diadakan di kawasan yang korang mudah je kalau nak pegi

well, apa-apa yang korang beli kat karnival tu
jangka hayat dia adalah sehingga banner-banner tu muncul sekali lagi dalam hidup korang
so tolak tambah adalah lebih kurang 3 bulan macam tu

permerhatian ini dibuat setelah fon kedua (kaler pink, dari china!) 
menunjukkan tanda-tanda sawan babi
dan menyebabkan saya terpaksa menukar fon lagi
kali ini bukan fon baru tapi guna fon lama dari adik dan mak sahaja

dah lama dah fon perlu ditukar tapi saya sangat malas
  1. daripada guna satu fon yang boleh pakai dua simcard sekarang saya kena guna dua fon yang boleh pakai satu simcard je
  2. saya malas betul nak buat housekeeping dan kemas balik data-data semua

maka rakan-rakan, kalau-kalau kamu mahu telefon
jangan terkejut kalau saya tidak kenal ye
sebab buku telefon saya berterabur

sampai sekarang saya masih baru sampai huruf J

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

tolong tafsirkan mimpi saya

semalam saya mimpi.
saya mimpi saya jumpa kawan-kawan lama dalam lif kat tempat keja.
tiba-tiba lif tu tersekat.
dengan gagah perkasanya saya selamatkan semua orang.

dan-dan saya keluar dari lif, ada pulak pak gad sorang tu keluarkan senapang besar bazooka.
dengan selambanya dia pegi tembak panel-panel kaca kat situ dengan muka excited dan ajak saya sekali.
saya pun decide bahawa hari itu mungkin bukan hari yang terbaik untuk pegi kerja.

saya pun melangkah ke luar dan ternampak ada orang langgar kereta ayah saya.
orang itu kata "wei, kalau tak reti bawak kereta, pegi kerja kat Tutt 
(sila ganti dengan nama company ayah saya)"
ayah saya jawab, "memangla aku kerja kat Tutt (sila ganti dengan nama company ayah saya lagi)"
rupa-rupanya yang melanggar ayah saya itu adalah kawannya ketika sekolah.
mereka pun melakukan adegan-adegan jejak kasih di situ.

lepas seketika tiba-tiba saya berada di parking bumbung sebuah kompleks membeli-belah.
saya dan adik-adik saya ligat bermain futsal (sah-sah mimpi, kan).
ayah saya pulak tengah syok membebel gaya-gaya alex ferguson kat tepi padang.

sekali tiba-tiba ayah saya jatuh terlentang.
dia kata, "dah tak ada masa lagi"
pastu keluar pulak lagu sedih daripada cerita arwah yasmin ahmad.
pastu ayah saya tutup mata.
saya jerit-jerit panggil ayah saya tapi dia tanak bukak mata.

bila saya bangun dari mimpi tu saya rasa sesak nafas. 
saya pun terus pergi bilik ayah saya dan peluk ayah saya.
bila saya cerita pasal mimpi saya, ayah saya kata saya katun.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

the stalker song

Imagine me and you, I do
I think about you day and night
It's only right to think about the girl I stalk
Each day and night,
So happy together.

I dated you, for just a week day
You dumped me and I cried real hard
And still can't sleep.
So now I'll have to force you to come back to me,
So happy together.

I can't see me stalking nobody but you for all your life
When you're with me baby the skies will be blue
For all my life.

I call you up at 2 1 am
I wake you and hang up the phone
And do it again.
That's what you get for goin' out with other men,
So happy together.

I can't see me stalking nobody but you for all your life
When you're with me baby the skies will be blue
For all my life.

I see you, you don't see me
I'm hidden with my telephoto lense up in the tree
You're walking and you look around, suspiciously,
So happy together.

"Hey...sugar...I like your no that's kinda lame.
I got it, I got it. Hey baby, it's me again....surprise! That's a good
one, I like that, surprise, haha."

I've got your cat, don't be alarmed,
As long as you come talk to me,
He won't be harmed
We'll go and get a bite to eat
I'll come unarmed
So happy together...forever and happy together.

"Get out of the tree with the cat in the air."

obsessing for someone you date for only a week is considered stalking!
i don't know why in your book, obsessing for someone you date once is considered friendship?

* if a thing isn't worth saying, you sing it (pierre beaumarchais)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

maaf, saya tenang dan tak ada topik

apa logiknya iklan potato chips ada sesumpah main bola?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

sila nyanyi dengan suara penyek

kakakku pulang dari kota
kakakku langgar kereta honda
nasib baik drivernya tak apa-apa
dia cuma geleng kepala

pon, pon, pon, pon, pon, pon, pon, pon, pon
kereta lain pun berbunyi
kakakku kata, "pak cik, sorry!"
"lain kali tak tidur lagi!"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

aku jatuh cinta

this is the chorus of liyana jasmay's new song, 'aku jatuh cinta':

Memang benar aku sudah jatuh cinta
Memang benar aku hampir jadi resah
Bila cinta dari mu hadir bagai lena dari mimpi
Bagai perasa

Memang benar aku sudah jatuh cinta
Memang benar kata hati ku pada mu
Tapi aku tak kuasa
Mengatakan pada mu
Rasa cinta ku

i still think it should be like this:

Memang benar aku sudah jatuh cinta
Memang benar aku hampir jadi
Bila cinta dari mu hadir bagai
mimpi jadi nyata
di syurga

Memang benar aku sudah jatuh cinta
Memang benar kata hati ku pada mu
Tapi aku tak kuasa
Menyatakan pada mu
Rasa cinta ku

oke mungkin saya hanya seorang yang perasan bagus
yang kebetulan pula obsess dengan rima

Monday, January 4, 2010

perangai makan

saya ada seorang deskmate bernama mat
mat ada satu perangai makan
perangai makan mat adalah
dia suka beli makanan breakfast dan
akhirnya makan makanan itu sewaktu/selepas lunch

mat ada seorang deskmate bernama izat
izat selalu membawa breakfast handmade dari rumah
hari ini izat cuti

nama saya laila
saya pun ada satu perangai makan
saya suka tapau makanan(leftover) dari rumah
selalunya makanan itu adalah tinggalan dinner hari semalam
tapi hari ini saya makan tinggalan daripada lunch semalam

Friday, January 1, 2010

one one ten

i woke up with wedding ideas.
what the fish!
bukannya nak kahwin tahun ni pun kan?
kan? kan?
but one concern that bothers me so
if i want all my sisters to sing at my wedding,
who's going to be my pengapit?
ada ke pengapit lelaki from perempuan side
and pengapit perempuan from laki side?
but that wouldn't work out the equation either
cause i want my one and only baby brother
to goreng his guitar during my wedding
my one and only big brother
obviously tanak naik whatever stage yang ada during the wedding
(more so kalau dia tak kahwin lagi =P ampun bang!)
to the fish with all that la
not like i'm going to be married this year
kan? kan?

since one of my new year resolution is giving
i'm going to assume updating this blog is a part of giving
hehe, kalau takde fulus pun, bagi air liur pun boleh kan

as told to otomen earlier
when the clock struck 12 last night
i was engrossed in my Freakonomics
well not exactly engrossed since i was nodding off my sleepiness
the next thing i know it's almost 2
and my family was still watching 2012 while waiting for the moon eclipse
sampai sekarang tak tau diorang tengok ke tak the eclipse
sungguh tak sesuai sekali nyet nak tanya what's my plan for new year
macam i have something special in my sleeves

nevertheless, selamat tahun baru rakan-rakan
semoga tahun ini kiamat tak terjadi
so kita diberi peluang sekali lagi, lagi