Friday, January 1, 2010

one one ten

i woke up with wedding ideas.
what the fish!
bukannya nak kahwin tahun ni pun kan?
kan? kan?
but one concern that bothers me so
if i want all my sisters to sing at my wedding,
who's going to be my pengapit?
ada ke pengapit lelaki from perempuan side
and pengapit perempuan from laki side?
but that wouldn't work out the equation either
cause i want my one and only baby brother
to goreng his guitar during my wedding
my one and only big brother
obviously tanak naik whatever stage yang ada during the wedding
(more so kalau dia tak kahwin lagi =P ampun bang!)
to the fish with all that la
not like i'm going to be married this year
kan? kan?

since one of my new year resolution is giving
i'm going to assume updating this blog is a part of giving
hehe, kalau takde fulus pun, bagi air liur pun boleh kan

as told to otomen earlier
when the clock struck 12 last night
i was engrossed in my Freakonomics
well not exactly engrossed since i was nodding off my sleepiness
the next thing i know it's almost 2
and my family was still watching 2012 while waiting for the moon eclipse
sampai sekarang tak tau diorang tengok ke tak the eclipse
sungguh tak sesuai sekali nyet nak tanya what's my plan for new year
macam i have something special in my sleeves

nevertheless, selamat tahun baru rakan-rakan
semoga tahun ini kiamat tak terjadi
so kita diberi peluang sekali lagi, lagi

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