Wednesday, September 29, 2010

something in our engine

what would you expect when your car is giving weird noises
in the middle of non-moving traffic at 6pm?

scary, kan

teringat kembali million instances di mana
berbakul-bakul sumpahan dibaling kepada mana-mana individu bertuah 
yang memilih bucu-bucu strategik untuk
kereta rosak / takde minyak / accident bontot


10 minutes with the weird noises drove us back into the parking lot
15 minutes with tertonggeng-tonggeng and menyepak-nyepak on all sides of the car
we discovered that ada seekor kucing kaler coklat ala-ala engine gitu
terselit dalam engine dekat hujung bumper belah kanan   

before anyone grimaces in horror 
dan membayangkan otak bersepai ataupun bulu terbakar dalam engine tu
perlulah anda tahu bahawa kucing itu selamat!

 the cat is all scared and literally shivering to the bone
even when we are trying to intimidate it with sebatang payung
he/she does not even make a sound, not a single meow

luckily sekonyong-konyong datang pula
a manager from Boost Juice / O'Brien with a big heart
and gather a few of his people to help us tempt the kucing out

after several failed attempts and many-many minutes wasted
we came into a conclusion that we would have to 
screw open the front bumper plastic cover to get it out

tapi sadly i was not there when the kucing got out (tak sempat nak amek gambar!)
my mum dah bising because we have to get back home
he said, kucing tu tak injured kot sebab dia terus lari tak cukup tanah
baru ingat nak simpan wat sacred pet or something

1. trafik di kl cukup sesak sampai kucing sempat masuk dalam engine
2. hidup saya ter O.D. dengan kucing sekarang

p/s: semalam jadik detektif. saya cakap detektif instead of busybody sebab rumahtangga dia memang dah berantakan, ok!

Monday, September 27, 2010

urges. urges.

i have this strange urges to spend
maybe months and months of tightening my belt finally thrown me off the edge
but the thing is
every time i went shopping
there's this tiny voice at the back of my head
saying i don't need most of the things
why am i so frugal (read: cikai/kemut)?

to be truthful
i know exactly what i want to spend on
but the time is simply not right
jadi, to fill up the time yang tak sampai-sampai tu
i kept on buying small, useless, no good things

like, i have 8 lipsticks on my desk now
costing RM8 for 2, dalam erti kata lain 1 for RM 4
which i never really intend to wear
(one of them is gold and one of them is purple, d-uh!)

i am also facing this strange urges to buy stationery
i bought like 4 letter sets and two nice looking notebooks
and new pens and apa-apa ntah lagi
without really having an idea how and when to use them

i think that time that i'm talking about
could not be here fast enough
and i'm begging for you-who-understand-what-this-is
please let the time come
so i may avoid spending unnecessarily. hee

p/s: semua menda nak jadi on 2hb October tu kenapa?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i've killed a bird

first of all, what's the social convention for cutting people on twitter?
surprise-surprise, i'm cutting you off dude
because you keep posting menda-menda tak relevant on twitter
and you're spamming my updates
the more you're posting things like 'Going out with super-hot someone-someone.'
the more I think your life is crap
seriously, people does not need to know every single details

hold on
ok, maybe people do, but I don't
so, Tata!

then memetik kata obefiend from his blog on how he can write so well:
"First you need to be angry.. you need to have inner turmoil of biblical porportion. A mother of all conflicts. You must have 800 different unresolved issues you have with your life"

that is so damn true!
i'm so happy with my life now
i have nothing else to write or complain
(except that constantly annoying dude from twitter)

nampak tak strategi memberi alasan tidak menulis dengan memetik kata-kata orang berpengaruh
hee :P

p/s: A secret is a heaviest thing to carry, isn't it?