Monday, September 27, 2010

urges. urges.

i have this strange urges to spend
maybe months and months of tightening my belt finally thrown me off the edge
but the thing is
every time i went shopping
there's this tiny voice at the back of my head
saying i don't need most of the things
why am i so frugal (read: cikai/kemut)?

to be truthful
i know exactly what i want to spend on
but the time is simply not right
jadi, to fill up the time yang tak sampai-sampai tu
i kept on buying small, useless, no good things

like, i have 8 lipsticks on my desk now
costing RM8 for 2, dalam erti kata lain 1 for RM 4
which i never really intend to wear
(one of them is gold and one of them is purple, d-uh!)

i am also facing this strange urges to buy stationery
i bought like 4 letter sets and two nice looking notebooks
and new pens and apa-apa ntah lagi
without really having an idea how and when to use them

i think that time that i'm talking about
could not be here fast enough
and i'm begging for you-who-understand-what-this-is
please let the time come
so i may avoid spending unnecessarily. hee

p/s: semua menda nak jadi on 2hb October tu kenapa?

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