Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i've killed a bird

first of all, what's the social convention for cutting people on twitter?
surprise-surprise, i'm cutting you off dude
because you keep posting menda-menda tak relevant on twitter
and you're spamming my updates
the more you're posting things like 'Going out with super-hot someone-someone.'
the more I think your life is crap
seriously, people does not need to know every single details

hold on
ok, maybe people do, but I don't
so, Tata!

then memetik kata obefiend from his blog on how he can write so well:
"First you need to be angry.. you need to have inner turmoil of biblical porportion. A mother of all conflicts. You must have 800 different unresolved issues you have with your life"

that is so damn true!
i'm so happy with my life now
i have nothing else to write or complain
(except that constantly annoying dude from twitter)

nampak tak strategi memberi alasan tidak menulis dengan memetik kata-kata orang berpengaruh
hee :P

p/s: A secret is a heaviest thing to carry, isn't it?

1 comment:

  1. u know, im having a conflict with twitter right now. like dilemma ntah nak post ke tak and will people be annoyed ke tak. ahaha tu pun nk pikir byk. anyways, just unfollow those people like the dude. cheers!