Sunday, October 25, 2009

thank god i listen to the demon

reflecting on this piece

i've always got what i want
some may saw it as luck and blessing
but most of the time i think it's a curse

it would be a hell lot easier
if i only got what i need
as oppose to what i want

life would not be that much exciting
but it would not be that hard either

less choices, less decisions, less mistakes 
angel: it is stupid!
demon: but it's great!
angel: you will regret it!
demon: but you love it now!
angel: it's going to eat yourself alive!
demon: you'll learn to live with it!
angel: it's yet another mistake!
demon: but it's a great mistake!


  1. sama-sama lela...

    sy suke membaca
    (kecuali text book :P)
    and i love demon's talk

  2. sila-sila baca textbook
    textbook sangat berguna